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Dear Social Innovations Journal Readers and Partners:

Wilbur Wright once said, "It is not really necessary to look too far into the future; we see enough already to be certain it will be magnificent. Only let us hurry and open the roads." 

Expanding the Journal Nationally and Globally 

The Social Innovations Journal is thrilled to announce that we, too, are ready to take flight with the re-launch of our Journal and an expanded focus into national and global markets. Without our regional advisory board and investors, we never would have made it past our own start-up phase; nor would this growth be possible without the tireless support of our national and global partners. Together and regionally, we have had an incredible eight years, as the first to enter the space of social innovation, helping to create a cultural and social innovations movement, and inspiring thousands to believe in themselves and thereby launch their social sector ideas.  

To achieve a national reach, we will be launching editions across the country, with our first launch focused on Chicago’s social innovations. The Social Innovations Journal will maintain its regional focus approach, true to our core belief that a region’s social innovations are the driving force for new and improved services and products, and through sharing and collaboration across the globe we increase the social impact for all of us. Our national and global partners will continue to publish articles on proven social innovations/enterprises and national trends within social sector categories and business industries.

Social Innovations Journal from Nate Bronstein on Vimeo.

Introducing the New Social Innovations Journal Website Platform 

As a first step in our expansion of the Journal’s reach, we have revamped our publication platform to be more user-friendly, including the addition of new video and podcast content. You can also now browse new and past article content by organization, editions and by social sector categories and business industries. In addition, upcoming editions, events, and launch information will be prominently displayed on the homepage.

Expanding Advisory Board Nationally and Globally 

Our newly constituted advisory board, composed of regional, national, and global social sector innovators, entrepreneurs and thought leaders, will guide us as we broaden our reach from a regional to national social innovation distribution channel and clearinghouse; train and inspire new and experienced social sector leaders to become the next generation of social innovators and entrepreneurs; and create a common platform for social innovations and enterprises to be shared across the globe, thereby improving the lives of millions of people.

Introducing the Social Innovations Awards 

We are excited to announce the inaugural Philadelphia Region’s Social Innovations Awards. Many of our partners encouraged us to launch these awards and thus we are pleased to invite you to nominate individuals you feel exemplify what it means to be a social innovator. Specifically, the Social Innovations Awards seek to recognize individuals from different fields who epitomize the best of what a social enterprise has to offer. In bringing recognition to these individuals, our hope is that these awards will also: 1) Promote a culture of bold thinking and problem solving; 2) Increase awareness for social innovation partners; 3) Increase awareness for social enterprise and entrepreneurship; 4) Assist award nominees and winners in telling their stories and strengthening their initiatives; 5) Build active participation from SIJ readers; and 6) Support a growing community of entrepreneurs and innovators.

Virtually any individual can be nominated for a Social Innovations Award; however, the award winner will be selected from among those who best characterize the tenets of social enterprise and innovative thinking. These individuals may work in the for-profit, governmental or nonprofit space, and will have demonstrated a strong determination to solve social problems through bold and innovative methods. Categories for the awards include the following broad areas: 1) Health and Human Services; 2) Education; 3) Housing and Community Development; 4) Government; 5) Environment; 6) Violence Prevention and Criminal Justice; 7) Poverty Elimination and Social Justice; 7) Nutrition and Exercise; 8) Human Rights; 9) Technology; and 10) Race/Gender.

Winners will be honored at our Social Innovations Journal Awards and Fundraiser Ceremony in early December. They will be featured on the Social Innovations website and have the opportunity to have their work shared via social media and our readership network. All winners will then be inducted into the Social Innovations Award Winner community, granting access to unique events and a growing network of innovative thinkers.

Nominate the Philadelphia Region's Top Innovators

Introducing the Social Innovations Institute 

Encouraged by our partners and social entrepreneurs we are excited to provide social sector leaders and entrepreneurs with the knowledge and tools to dream, pursue their ideas, and launch their social innovations/enterprises. From October 25-27, forty social sector leaders and entrepreneurs will join us for the Social Innovation/Enterprise Leadership Seminar to think in an innovative and entrepreneurial manner to lead and evolve their ideas and enterprises. The Social Innovations Institute will take these leaders through an innovation process, including idea exploration, testing and plan execution to hone in on innovation thinking that leads to incremental improvements or new service models or products.

For more information and to secure your tickets, click here.

Understanding that many entrepreneurs and social sector leaders maximize their limited financial resources to launch their idea, we will provide a limited number of scholarships. To request a scholarship, simply email your request to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. and summarize in 2 paragraphs your social innovation/enterprise and why this 3-day social innovations leadership seminar will help you launch your social innovation/enterprise.

Finally, we will continue in our dedication to bring about a future many of us can only imagine through inspiring all of us to dream, pursue our ideas, spark a shared common space and, through this process, improve the lives of individuals and families, and the communities in which we live, ultimately contributing to a better world for ALL of us.

We are excited for what the next chapter brings to the Social Innovations Journal and movement and we hope you are too!

Tine Hansen-Turton, Co-Founder
Nicholas Torres, Co-Founder