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Immigration Policy: Innovative City Solutions - Jim Kenney

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Civic engagement and its ability to prevent risky behavior in youth has been explored for decades. One study of over 1,000 teenage youths revealed a direct inverse relationship between civic engagement and risky behavior. Engaged youth maximize their sense of community by transforming victims of social problems into social change agents in their communities. More than the qualitative, its impact is seen in numbers, they are 11% more likely to have a grade point average above B+, 24% more likely to vote, and 200% more likely to be civically engaged in adulthood. This is, however, far easier said than done. This webinar brings together experts from around the world to explore how communities are and can continue to leverage their infrastructure to ensure a healthy culture of civic engagement. Attendees can expect to receive an inside look into how civic engagement programs are crafted, implemented and reviewed to ensure they’re meeting their goals. Attendees will also takeaway specific lessons and best practices for implementing new programs in communities across the country.

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Laboratorio de Innovación Social de la Ciudad de Buenos Aires “Identificamos necesidades y generamos soluciones innovadoras”