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Wed, Nov

Robin Chase: Leading One Entrepreneurial Coup After Another, like Zipcar

Disruptive Innovations

If anyone understands the profound transformation of society that is now upon us, it is Robin Chase. (See her admired book, Peers Inc.)

She not only sees it clearly; but she also, in one entrepreneurial coup after another, is putting its new architecture in place. She co-founded Zipcar and was its first CEO. Then she created and led Buzzcar. A bit like AirBnB, it allows you to rent out your idle car or truck to others.

Now she is leading Veniam, which has found a way to create city or port-wide steady wifi coverage (using both stationary and mobile routers in a mesh network). Its dramatically faster, cheaper service enables huge efficiencies in, for example, vehicle routing and rider digital access.

Where did all of this begin?

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