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Social Innovations Journal (SIJ) is the first regionally focused, volunteer-driven online publication and knowledge lab dedicated to social innovators and entrepreneurs. SIL is the collaborative brainchild of two Philadelphia-grown social innovators and international Eisenhower Fellows – Nicholas Torres, Principal of Social Innovations Partners, and Tine Hansen-Turton, Chief Operating Officer of the Public Health Management Corporation (PHMC), CEO of National Nursing Centers Consortium (NNCC) and Executive Director of the Convenient Care Association.

SIJ chronicles social innovations and enterprises addressing the nation’s most challenging issues surrounding social policy, leadership, human capital, and systems. In collaboration with government, philanthropy, nonprofits and universities, the Journal bridges formal research and real-life experience. The Journal is inspired by the Stanford Social Innovation Review, an award-winning national magazine covering best strategies for nonprofits, foundations and social businesses.

SIJ highlights the accomplishments of regional social sector leaders and entrepreneurs who influence higher standards for government, not-for-profit organizations, philanthropy, corporations, and policymakers, providing a forum for the discussion of vital topics and an opportunity for these leaders and their organizations to publish their innovations and share best practices. Our articles are written by and with the innovators themselves, people who blend their real-world experiences and time-proven results with meticulous research.

Here at the Social Innovations Journal, our mission is to promote innovative ideas, incubate social innovation and thought leadership (i.e., teaching leaders how to think and not what to think), and to spark a culture of innovation leading to improved products and services, systems and policies. We do this through our journal publications and through the cultivation of cross-sector & industry collaboration around innovation. SIJ is creating a new standard for social innovations and enterprise publications by including the “why” behind their innovation, their bottom line impact (social and financial), and the system and policy implications.