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Membership levels are premised around two types of members, each with three varying levels. These two types of members are as follows:

  • Individual
  • Corporate

For Corporate members, refer to the membership levels found via the Social Innovation Partners slide deck.  These membership levels will be the same for both organizations, offering varying benefits to our corporate members that will apply to both the Journal as well as well as the Lab/Institute.

The following outlines the (proposed) membership levels for Individual.  Two payment methods are offered for each level, offering effectively 2 free month’s membership by pursuing the annual contribution instead of the monthly contribution:

Level 1 "Supporter"

$2/Month or $10/Year

Name placed on website

Receive exclusive members-only quarterly updates from the editor/board

Free access to SIJ Social Events

Entry into the Social Innovation Network: Which provides updates, news and events around social innovation themed events and groups within respective city

Social Innovation Journal Pin 

Monthly                                    Annual

Level 2 "Influencer"

$10/Month or $100/Year

All Level 1 Benefits

Access to SIJ VIP Events

20% discount for upcoming Social Innovations Institute events

Social Innovation Journal T-shirt


Monthly                                    Annual


Level 3 "Champion"

$100/Month or $1,000/Year

All Level 2 Benefits

1 FREE ticket to Social Innovations Institute Event

Access to Super VIP events

Network access to SIJ editors and Contributors

Social Innovation Journal Coffee Mug


Monthly                                    Annual





Corporate Sponsors are the same for the Social Innovation Partner Sponsorship levels, but specifically will have the added benefit of the following for the Journal:


Level 1 "Bronze"


 Sponsorship of 1 SIJ event

Level 2 "Silver"


 Sponsorship of 3 SIJ events

Ad placement on the SIJ website - 6 months

Level 3 "Gold"


 Sponsorship of ALL SIJ events for the year

Prominent Ad Placement on the SIJ website - 12 months