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Issue 24 | Summer 2015

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Dear Reader,

We are pleased to bring you the 24th Edition of the Philadelphia Social Innovations Journal (PSIJ) titled: Innovation through Collaboration and Partnerships: A Look at How Working Together through Collaboration and Partnerships Can Drive Innovation and Sustainability in the Nonprofit and Social Sector. With so many substantial and diverse organizations currently in existence, it seems only natural that by partnering and working together to promote shared values and interests, the nonprofit community can be an even louder and clearer voice for change in our city. Despite this and unlike the private sector, few nonprofits actually enter into strategic partnerships and far fewer merge or affiliate with nonprofits of like missions. 
This edition focuses on the need for new partnerships and collaborations within the nonprofit sector, and it highlights existing and successful partnerships in the Philadelphia region. Articles written by regional and national experts offer experiential examples of successful partnerships and mergers and show how banding together has enabled them to further their cause and achieve new milestones together. 
As always, we thank our sponsors whose support allows us to continue our work to advance innovation in our great city and beyond. We’d also like to thank our advisory board members, representing the Barra Foundation, Bank of America, Claneil Foundation, Green Tree Community Health Foundation, Independence Foundation, Inglis Foundation, Knight Foundation, The Patricia Kind Family Foundation, The Philadelphia Foundation, The Public Health Fund, Public Health Management Corporation, Sage Communications, Scattergood Foundation, St. Christopher’s Foundation for Children, TD Bank, eXude, United Way of Greater Philadelphia and Southern New Jersey, and the University of Pennsylvania. 
Very truly yours,

Nicholas Torres, Co-Founder
Tine Hansen-Turton, Co-Founder