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Issue 20 | Winter 2014

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Dear Reader,

Philadelphia’s nonprofit sector is substantial, diverse and growing. Over 2,100 public charities reside within the City boundaries, which collectively represent revenues totaling over $20 billion annually. Philadelphia is home to some of the world’s top hospitals, universities and research institutions. Social services constitute the largest group of Philadelphia’s nonprofits with more than 600 organizations dedicated to helping others. Philadelphia boasts world-class museums, historic sites of national importance, an award winning performing arts community and a burgeoning creative community that is sparking neighborhood revitalization.  These vibrant neighborhoods, anchored by more than 270 commercial corridors, are critically important to the economic growth and development of the City and the continued growth of these neighborhoods provide the opportunity for innovative solutions to address many of the communities’ needs.
We are pleased to bring our 20th Edition of the Philadelphia Social Innovations Journal (PSIJ) titled The Philadelphia Region’s Nonprofits & Innovations in Economic Development in partnership with Philadelphia Industrial Development Corporation (PIDC) and Public Health Management Corporation (PHMC).  In this edition, experts in the field highlight innovative projects where Philadelphia’s nonprofits are leading the way through creative financing structures, partnerships with for-profit entities and initiatives that have impact beyond their immediate mission.
As always, we thank our sponsors, whose support is essential to what we do. We also want to recognize and thank our advisory board members, representing the Barra Foundation, Bank of America, Green Tree Community Health Foundation, Independence Foundation, Independence Blue Cross Foundation, Inglis Foundation, Knight Foundation, The Patricia Kind Family Foundation, The Philadelphia Foundation, Public Health Foundation, Public Health Management Corporation, Sage Communications, Scattergood Foundation, St. Christopher’s Foundation for Children, United Way of Greater Philadelphia and Southern New Jersey, the University of Pennsylvania, Wells Fargo and the William Penn Foundation.

Very truly yours,

Nicholas Torres, Publisher
Tine Hansen-Turton, Publisher