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Issue 59 | Leadership

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Dear Reader,

As we begin a new year full of aspirations and future goals, we must take a moment to reflect on the tireless efforts of our unsung heroes -- the social innovators and Changemakers whose work is reshaping our region and world today who we will recognize at our 2020 Social Innovations Awards. We are eager to celebrate the unparalleled wins of the social impact industry across Greater Philadelphia that continues to drive our collective desire for equity and opportunity as a common thread shared across sectors and industries, communities, families and people. In the words of Philadelphia’s favorite founding father, Benjamin Franklin, “A good example is the best sermon,” and we are in awe of the leadership demonstrated by this year’s cohort of nominees whose dedication to lifting up our brothers and sisters in need shines a light on a path forward for all people.

We also are proud to bring you our 59th edition and first publication of 2020. This edition curated by our co-founders, Nicholas Torres and Tine Hansen-Turton, and authored by graduate and professional degree students from the University of Pennsylvania, shines a light on the work and unwavering commitment of the social innovation leaders driving impact. These individuals work day-in and day-out not for glory or fame but to deliver opportunities to underserved communities across our region and communities beyond. These social leaders redefine how we think of leadership through their selflessness, and not seeking the spotlight but by instead shining a powerful light on the plight of individuals in need by offering a solution.

This edition, “LEADERSHIP,” is a collection of leadership profiles of 18 Leaders whose commitment to fairness, equity and upward mobility are what makes regions great. We have the honor of sharing the stories, inspirations, goals, and motivation behind the individuals pushing our communities forward through their own self-sacrificing examples. From David Thornburgh’s continued drive to ensure equity and fairness in the democratic process to Quibila Divine reshaping emergency services and housing solutions for the homeless to Peter Gonzalez’s tireless efforts in welcoming new immigrants and leveraging their talents to bolster the City of Philadelphia’s economics to Nora Lichtash working to empower women and developing the next generation of leaders to continue the fight for healthy and equitable communities. We are honored to be able to lift up the stories and work that continually reimagines our world and the social innovation leaders who invest their talent, passion and commitment to ensure equity for all people.

We hope you are as inspired by their good work as we are, and that each of us can find a way to serve and be an example in our own lives because we truly believe “that one good idea inspires another.” Thank you for your support of the Social Innovations Journal and we look forward to a new year of exploring the social innovations disrupting the status quo of the past while leading us into the bright future today and providing us with a vision for an even brighter tomorrow.

We want to extend a special thank you to all of this year’s nominees for leadership and advancing social innovation in their daily lives as well as  our co-founders for their unwavering commitment to social innovation that for more than 10 years has created a platform for social leaders, social entrepreneurs, Changemakers and grassroots social change agents to ensure our communities are  special places to call home for all people.


Yours in innovation,

Alescia Dingle, Managing Editor
Mike Clark, President
Nicholas Torres, Co-Founder
Tine Hansen-Turton, Co-Founder 




Issue 59 | Introduction

Issue 59 | Leadership Profiles