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Sat, Nov

Dario Riccobono: Mobilizing Young Italians Against the Sicilian Mob in Italy Since He Was 13 Years Old

Disruptive Innovations

When Dario Riccobono was 13, his little-known hometown of Capaci in Sicily, Italy was suddenly thrust onto the world stage.  A massive explosion orchestrated by the mafia took down a portion of the nearby highway and with it the renowned anti-mafia prosecutor, Judge Giovanni Falcone, who was driving to his home.  The gruesome event was a turning point in Dario’s life.  Growing up, few people had talked about the mafia, let alone challenged it. Most pretended it didn’t exist.  Dario’s father was an exception having stood up to the mafia as a matter of principle.  Seeing him cry at the news of the killing marked Dario profoundly.  He had to do something.

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