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These Kolkata college-goers could make paper bags the preferred urban choice

Disruptive Innovations

In a world where social problems are on the rise, a growing number of young people are leading the solutions. Ashoka Youth Venturer, Prateek Agarwal resisted the pressures to focus only on academic studies when faced with a dire issue: the proliferation of plastic bags choking the environment in Kolkata.  His deep-rooted passion for the environment and volunteerism exposed him early to waste issues and gave him the confidence to #LeadYoung. At 18 years of age and together with his friends, Subham Agarwala and Siddhant Kethan, he set up a social enterprise to replace plastic bags with paper ones that also generates income for low-income women. Encouraged and mentored by a social entrepreneur from across the country, Prateek and his team are demonstrating what it takes to grow up in today’s world:  empathy, leadership, teamwork and changemaking!

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Issue 36 | Disruptive Innovations